Realizations - ABF Mines

Please find below a few of our achievements.


Kirkland Gold

The project involves optimizing the mill meaning that the latter is off.

Mechanical installation of the service hoist (Davy Markam)- Goldcorp Eleonore project

Mechanical installation of the service hoist (Davy Markam) - January 2015

Project Mali

Mandate: Completion of civil and structural engineering, building of steel structure, supply of production equipment, repair of production equipment, and mechanical installation in the field.

Goldex Compressor

Mandate: The work involved dismantling the compressors of Louvicourt Mine as well as the installation of those compressors at the Goldex site. The new installations had to be updated to comply with new regulations and requests from the client.

Dismantling of the Bouchard-Hébert factory

Mandate: Dismantling various mechanical installations and structures.

Moving a silo -Century Mining

Mandate: Move an old ore silo underneath the concentrator’s conveyor belt.

"Grizzly" conception Richmont mine

Mandate: Build and install two "grizzlies". Installation of hydraulic hammer, block system for trucks unloading.

Hoist electrification- Éléonore project

Mandate: To electrify production hoist, as well as auxiliary hoist at Éléonore mine.

Transformers maintenance- Westdome Mine Kiena - Learn more

Mandate: Perform oil sample testing on various transformers at the mining site, and perform any essential repairs.

Electrification of pumping system- Agnico-Eagle mine Meadow Bank division

Mandate: Perform electrical installation of the pumping system.

Electrification of pumping system- Gestion Coulombe et Frères inc

Mandate: Perform electrical installation of the housing project’s pumping system